Scrap dealers since four generations: De Piero Schrott values tradition without losing the link with modernity. The history of our company is fascinating. Read it for yourself!

  • 1907 Antonio de Piero moves with his four brothers, his wife Margerita and his four children (3 sons and one daughter) from Cordenons (Italy) to Spittal an der Drau.
  • 1907 Purchase of 143 Realität Mahlerbehausung (later Ponauerstraße 24 EZ 197) by the 5 brothers Antonio, Franz, Alois, Johann and Josef de Piero. Rag business. Before the first world war, there were mostly rag and bone grubbers in the valleys of Carinthia whose stuff were then sold in Vienna. During the war, the family moves shortly to Leibnitz, only to move back to Spittal an der Drau after the war end.
  • 1918 Antonio de Piero and his three sons Georg, Alois and Angelo de Piero started again in Spittal an der Drau as bone-grubbers selling in Vienna.
  • 1928 Georg, Alois and Angelo de Piero ran the business, each of them owning one third of the company.
  • 1931 Georg and Angelo de Piero stay in the company Alois withdraws from the company.
  • 1933 Angelo (later called Ludwig) de Piero becomes sole owner and sells bones, brushes, rags, glass, scrap and metal.
  • 1967 Angelo de Piero only sells paper, scrap and metal domestically and abroad.
  • 1973 Son Reinhold de Piero takes the company over De Piero Schrott as sole owner.
  • 1986 Guido de Piero begins to work in the company.
  • 1995 Inception of De Piero Schrott GmbH avec Reinhold de Piero as Director and his two sons Guido and Mario.
  • 1997 Guido und Mario de Piero take over the lead of De Piero Schrott GmbH in Standort Ponauer Str. 24 in Spittal an der Drau.
  • 1998 Company's headquarter moves to Möllbrücke, Drautalstraße 24.
  • 2012 Guido de Piero is sole Director, his brother Mario leaves the company.