From household scrap to industrial scrap: we collect scrap from communities and metal producing and processing companies, and obviously also from private clients! We stock the material, sort it carefully and prepare it for its big appearance at the steel plant. An important recycling contribution, taking care of resources and optimizing costs in the steel production.

We are not only interested in your scrap: we also collect non-ferrous metal and precious metal and we can offer attractive prices thanks to our international cooperation!

MARKET PRICE. Our price is pegged to the current trade situation and steel industry. Fairness is our highest offer.

DISMANTLING? Anytime. We undertake project management and ensure safe and on time processing. Let us know what you need!

SUSTAINABLE NETWORK. To be able to carry out big orders quickly and smoothly, we work depending on needs with our permanent forwarding partners on the spot. Because your satisfaction is our highest priority.